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Christopher Hargreaves

Art and creation in all its innumerable forms connects me to others and gives me purpose. Creating is a vital process, feeding into all aspects of life, it is the constant thread I always return to.

I am a multidisciplinary artist, with a background in shoe making, forklift truck driving and profound administration. A creative player and experimenter extensively focused on promoting community arts and music, delighted in seeing barriers to art and the imagination crumble. I play with different mediums, as time, tide and energy allow - never feeling the need to confine myself to a single material, style or theme – although themes become apparent naturally over time. I don’t enjoy specialisation or placing learnt technique over expression. It is usually the idea of the present project that defines the medium and approach to be used in that project.

I believe the experience of art is as individual as each person.  If you’ve tried it extensively and still find it frustrating, anxiety inducing, or it’s just not your thing – it’s all good. But then, if you go watch a film instead, or cook a meal, read a book… there’s a creative core that anyone can explore if they wish. Certainly art should be accessible at a fundamental level, disentangled equally from academia and corporate manipulation, to be ubiquitous at all levels of culture and society.